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Visual Post-Production Solutions

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Painting on photographs with their own pixels.  We can make images the best version of themselves or unrecognizable from where they began.  You pick!


Computer Generated Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

The merging of artistic talent, technical know-how, and bleeding-edge infrastructure to create imagery not possible (or practical) in reality.



Durable, High Quality Materials

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From making cars walk to pancakes fly, we can help you give your audience an experience they couldn’t have any other way.

Motion Design /
Motion Graphics

Like graphic design on steroids.  It’s the ability to place and animate type or design elements together and over other moving content to enhance the comprehension of the viewer.

Compositing / 
Special Effects

Mix and matching multiple media elements to create something better than they could be individually.  Every scrapbookers dream. 

Editing / 
Color Grading

The process of assembling all the elements of the story and tightening up the narrative for maximum impact.  Then massaging the color till it’s juuuust right.